Café Pascal: my new go-to coffeeshop

Cafe Pascal Jillian Mascarenhas

I can finally tick the box next to “officially living here and settled in” because not only did I pick up my Swedish / EU ID card earlier this week (which together with my swanky resident card = no-questions-asked-legit) and receive all my boxes from NYC over the weekend, but I’ve found what may be my new, go-to coffee shop.

When I had plans last week to meet a friend for another fika / study session before my Swedish language class, I took to Google to investigate somewhere different to try. And right there on Street View I saw Café Pascal, a recently-opened, cozy-as-can-be neighborhood place situated on a quaint little corner near a park not too far from my school.

The light streaming through two walls of windows, glowing from glass balls hanging above the display case, and shining from candle tapers in brass holders scattered about on various surfaces created the most warm, inviting, super-Swedish ambiance I could ever hope to find. Only in Sweden are candles lit on blazingly sunny days and does the little table where you can find napkins, sugar, honey, etc., also include extra candlesticks and candleholders so you can top your wooden table with as many as you’d like.

Plus, an exposed brick wall, a robin’s-egg-blue counter, adorable potted succulents and enticing plates of savory dishes for lunch and chocolatey nibblies to accompany your coffee completely won me over. (Bonus: when I mustered up the courage to squeeze out a few Swedish words the gal behind the register didn’t snicker even once.)
Cafe Pascal Jillian Mascarenhas
And best off all? The coffee was good. Really good. From Toby’s in NYC to Pascal’s in Stockholm, I’ve got my bases covered on both sides of the ocean.

All photographs by Jillian Mascarenhas 

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