Café LÀntico, the new place to be and my new office

This spring and summer every Stockholm citizen and visitor in Stockholm can count themselves as lucky thanks to the opening of the new café at Valhallavägen 49, Café LÀntico. The same owner as to the cozy café Caligari at Dalagatan next to Odenplan, who by the way serves the best coffee, has now opened a new café at Valhallavägen in central Stockholm. Café LÀntico has a great outdoor dining area with a sunny location and people will come from all over the city to have some of their amazing gelato there in the summer. Besides the gelato which you must try (they make it themselves), the café also offers healthy sallads, a variety of lunch dishes, great Italian coffee and of course, they have some of the best Swedish fika you can find, if you are into cinnamon buns and other pastery.

Café LÀntico has become my new office, as self-employed it is sometimes nice to work from somewhere else than my apartment and I mean come on, who doesn’t wanna be served home made gelato and Italian coffee wile working or studying.

How to find this place? To be honest I don’t really feel like sharing this place, I wanna keep it my secret office and keep all the gelato to myself… But I guess that would be pretty selfish so I’ll share it anyway as long as there is still room for moi. You take the metro to Tekniska Högskolan and take the exit Odengatan and just walk about 50 meters, and there you have it, gelato heaven. And my new office.

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