Café Kladdkakan in Old Town

Sundays are a holy day for me, I don’t want any musts or should do’s. I just want to wake up late and do whatever I feel like doing, propably like most people on Sunday’s. Even though I live in Stockholm and going for “fika” (coffee and sweets) at cozy cafés is one of the things I do best, it’s always fun to explore cafées I haven’t been too. Mostly I end up having some fav places and stay very loyal to those places, but today I felt like trying a new place which I have heard so many good things about, Café Kladdkakan in old town.

I am a HUGE chocolate addict and kladdkaka (which is kind of a chocolate mud cake) is one of my all time favourites if it is properly done. Since I bake a lot of these cakes myself at home I have become pretty picky and easily get dissapointed. But today I was in heaven, the mud cake I ordered was perfect, super moisty and delicious but still crunchy on the edge, just as I want it.

I just think going to a café together is such a nice way of hanging out with friends,  going on a date, spending time with family or just to get some alone time and read a good book while enjoying a a nice cup of coffee and something sweet.

The café also offers a lot of healthy options for lunch and it is very central and only 2 minutes from the old town metro station. i highly recommend you to make a visit if you happen to pass by old town.


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