Burgers for dinner at Södermalm

Tjena my friends, how are you guys doing tonight? Going out for dinner? Looking for some tips maybe…
Then you came to the right blog. I will always write what I think, respectfully of course. And this post will be no exception.

Yesterday I met up with an African friend to try out the famous “Lily’s Burger” in the lovely, cool and trendy neighborhood of “Sofo”. For those of you that do not know what Sofo stands for, here I am to explain it to you guys. It stands for south of Folkungagatan, one of the main streets in Södermalm, the so called “hipster” district in Stockholm. Sofo is probably the coolest and most laid-back district in our beloved city; and it’s packed with trendy fashion stores, vintage shops, jewelry boutiques and many options to eat, drink and fika. Here you can spend and entire day just strolling around from shop to shop and from restaurant to restaurant. I always enjoy myself when visiting it.

So I met up with Binta to try out the “amazing” burger -her words- that she had tried just a few days ago. I have been wanting to visit this restaurant since summer time, so I became really happy and excited with the plan and I also had to see for myself what the fuzz was about.
As soon as we walk in, I immediately felt a bit like home, remembering my days when I lived in the United States. The restaurant vibe is totally american-diner 70’s shiny and colorful style, with lively lighted soda signs, colorful chairs and bar stools, napkin dispensers and dipping sauces on the tables and a complete warm and welcoming feeling to it. I just love it! It actually makes you want to eat here and enjoy the meal while talking to your friends and cracking a few beers. You will find yourself just looking around for the many props that decorate the walls while trying to finish your burger, trust me…
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                                                           American burger joint paradise…

We ordered one burger and one side order each, and just water this time. I know, I might be disappointing you guys, but beers, soda or milkshakes would have been an excess -not that I care about going beyond my belly-s filling point- and I wanted to enjoy the burger at its best. Experience has taught me to take it easy, this way you will actually finish the burger and not end up with that bloating sensation we typically feel.
She chose “The Bad” (114 sek), including pepperjack cheese, jalapeño chutney, sriracha mayo and lettuce. I chose “The Good” (114 sek), with pickled red onions, avocado, chevre creme and lettuce.
To accompany our burgers we had onion rings (25 sek) and sweet potato fries (49 sek).

burgers, design, foodie, dinner, middag, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodblog, matblogg, diner, american
                                                    Cool vibes when dining always are a plus

We both agreed that my burger was better. It was actually delicious and I wish I was eating it right now. The meat is so juicy and tasty (hands up for the kitchen team that definitely rocks at making and cooking them properly) and it felt, surprisingly, fresh. This, of course, is given to the pickled red onions with its sweet acidity, the freshness of the ripe and creamy avocado and the cheesy cream. What do these 3 elements have in common? They are served cold, playing the counterpart role to the hot off the grill patty. Perfect combination!
This is the first time ever that I have eaten avocado and burger. Magnificent combo my friends, congratulations!
burgers, foodporn, foodie, dinner, middag, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodblog, matblogg, diner, american
                                                                         Pinky “burgerporn”…

Binta’s burger was good and tasty also, but a bit less creative. Jalapeño chutney and sriracha mayo are nice flavors but they don’t wow as much anymore. I could definitely eat this burger and enjoy it, but I wouldn’t order it on a regular basis, if you get my point…

About the sides. Sweet potato fries are absolutely delicious. I don’t know who in the world came up with the idea but I got to give him/her the status of culinary genius. They are just perfect! I actually prefer them over fries. They are more crumbly and the sweetness of the sweet potato explodes and bursts when it goes through the frying process. Do you guys agree with me? I just love them!
The only down point of the meal was the onion rings. I barely ate 3. The batter felt so industrial and not pleasant at all. It’s a shame because onion rings -even some that are industrially produced- can be so good. I pointed this out to one staff member but she said that they always get compliments on them. Strange, huh?
I was already doubting the quality of them when I saw the price but I wanted to verify it. For 25 sek it’s hard to receive an outstanding or great quality product. Be it as it may and like I said at the beginning of this post, this is just my opinion. I could be right or wrong, but as a paying customer I clearly stated that I did not like them.

burgers, foodporn, foodie, dinner, middag, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodblog, matblogg, diner, american
                                                               The burgers in Binta’s hands

Overall it was a pleasant experience at one of the best burger restaurants in town, as I have heard from many fellow foodies. I do believe though, that for such a distinction they need to correct details like the onion rings. I couldn’t try more burgers -they have 5 different ones- or side orders -they also have chicken nuggets and coleslaw as the ones that got my attention the most- but I think that when you state that you aim to provide the finest quality of food, you have to really try, at least, to achieve it.

Thanks to the chefs and service staff from Lily’s Burger Nytorget for a good meal. I truly enjoyed my superb burger and sweet potato fries. And I also hope that you can correct small little details that make such an impact on our dining experiences.

You all have a great evening mis amigos, vi ses snart!



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