Brunching with a best friend is twice as yummy

Last Saturday morning I went with one of the few Swedish friends I have. An amazing person that I feel so lucky to have met and that you will soon be knowing and hearing of. She runs a spa in her own house in Älta and it is just a fantastic. She truly has magical hands and provides a great service. Stay tuned.

Back to brunching. You guys that have followed my journey on Instagram for the past few months know that I am a “brunch-oholic”, a maniac -if you will- when it comes to egg-based dishes, pancakes, bacon, a nice cup of café and all the other yummy stuff that involves a properly made brunch.
What’s not to like? It usually happens on the weekends, after a night out and when your body is aching for copious amounts of greasy food, haha.
Since I work full-time as a chef and barely have no time to enjoy a meal during the weekdays and pretty much work every single weekend, every chance I get to sit down for a brunch meal it is literally heaven for me. I love food and the whole idea of enjoying great flavors and sharing the experience with the people that I love and care about.

Restaurant Mississippi Inn in “SoFo” offers a really good brunching experience. It’s served every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:30 pm. Their menu is quite extensive and ranges from burgers, egg dishes, pancakes, side orders such as fries, bacon and much more, typical brunch cocktails, killer milkshakes and hey, you could even pop a beer or order any cocktail, they’ll make it for you.
What characterizes this place and is, in fact, a distinctive element in Stockholm’s ever-growing food scene, is the great customer service provided by each and every person working there. Always with a smile, a suggestion or even a silly but funny joke they will make you feel like home, just like they do in southern U.S.A. -the restaurant concept is defined and inspired by the restaurant philosophy from that region.

The food was on point, not the best omelette or eggs Benedictine one can find in the city but they aim for pleasing more than for “wow-ing”. The pancakes are the star of the meal: fluffy, big, sweet and overall delicious.
The prices range from 30-40 sek for beverages, 100 sek for cocktails and 100-220 sek for mains.

They are open every day of the week and their dinner menu is also appealing, featuring a great burger and spicy wings as the best items in my opinion.
But hey, see for yourself, pay them a visit. You will eat good food, enjoy a nice drink and laugh. What else do we need in life…

You all have a fantastic Tuesday evening mis amigos!

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eggs, foodporn, brunch, eggs benedictine, Stockholm, Södermalm

A warm runny egg yolk always drives me crazy…

Blueberry pancakes, maple syrup, brunch, Stockholm, Södermalm

Blueberry pancakes + maple syrup + ice cream = Happiness


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