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– fully customizable high-quality shoes in Stockholm City

Broken Bird Bootmakers is the real Cinderella story. Now everyone can find the perfect fit for their shoe. At this shoe company in the NK mall, modern technology is combined with genuine craftsmanship to offer fully customizable high-quality shoes at competitive prices.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Broken Bird Bootmakers started in 2015 with the vision of leaving mass production and the one-size-fits-all philosophy behind. The brain behind the company is Mikael Bergman. Not long after the start, Mats Hallman, third-generation shoemaker, Mauri Mellenius, controller and business developer, and finally Laureano Astengo, creative designer and operations manager, joined.

At Broken Bird Bootmakers, modern technology is combined with genuine craftsmanship to give you the perfect shoe.

“Many people buy shoes that don’t fit them; they buy them because it’s cheap. Then they end up selling or throwing them away. We thought it was silly that it should be so difficult for people to find a good shoe and thought about how we can do things differently,” says Laureano Astengo and continues:

“In the beginning, people thought we were crazy. We got many nos, and it took a long time to find a factory that wanted to cooperate since most of them only worked with mass production. But finally, we found one of the best manufacturers in Spain. They are open-minded and believe in us 100 percent.”

Broken Bird Bootmakers, shoe store in Stockholm

So how does it work at Broken Bird Bootmakers? As a customer, you book an appointment at the company’s website and then come to the store where you scan your feet. After that, the software recommends the best possible shoe. The 3D scan is free, and you don’t need to order anything on-site; you can do it by phone or email when you feel ready. Once you have ordered, it takes up to 8 weeks before your new shoes are home delivered to your mailbox. And it’s worth the wait!

“We’ve analyzed the feet of more than 500 different people and compiled an algorithm. Our software contains a comprehensive library with sizes from 35 to 57 with five different widths. All of this to provide an optimal and individualized shoe,” says Laureano.

This is the core of Broken Bird Bootmakers. Unlike a traditional, physical store with a lot of shoes, there’s no stock. All shoes are made to order based on the customer’s design, which means that the company doesn’t contribute to mass production and high climate footprints.

With us, you don’t just get a pair of nice shoes that last a long time; you also get the feeling that you’ve done something good.

– Laureano Astengo –

Every season, Broken Bird Bootmakers makes small collections for both men and women. As a customer, you also get to be part of the design process when it comes to color, shape, and material. You can also bring an existing shoe that you like and see if it’s possible to produce a similar one.

“Everything is possible. Quality is, of course, important when it comes to choosing materials, but besides that, we can do whatever you want,” says Laureano.

Broken Bird Bootmakers Stockholm

All materials come from Spain and Italy and are of the highest quality.

“The fit is critical when it comes to leather. You can get away more easily with sneakers in soft material, but a leather shoe must fit perfectly; otherwise, it can hurt you,” says Laureano and clarifies the importance of thick leather:

“The harder the material, the higher the quality because thick leather takes longer to wrinkle.”

Broken Bird Bootmakers’ customers are usually fashion-conscious individuals who care about the environment and want to invest in a good and sustainable product.

“With us, you don’t just get a pair of nice shoes that last a long time; you also get the feeling that you’ve done something good. And that in itself is worth the wait,” Laureano concludes.

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