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In the mood for bubble tea/boba tea in Stockholm? Then you don’t have to look for long to find a good spot. Like in the rest of the world, this sweet and bubbly tea drink has become super popular. The city is full of cafés and other places that serve this incredibly good and refreshing drink – perfect for both sunny summer days and chilly winter nights. Here’s your guide to Stockholm’s best bubble tea/boba tea.
Last updated: September 6, 2023

What is Bubble Tea/Boba Tea?

Bubble Tea, Boba Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Black Pearl Tea – some things we love have many names. And this tea-based beverage, invented in the 1980s in Taiwan, has taken the world by storm. It’s a sweet and refreshing drink that you can drink both hot and cold with a straw. The base is tapioca pearls and tea, and milk (oat milk or soy milk work fine) and some form of flavoring is usually added.

The secret behind the bubbling texture is the dark jelly-like tapioca pearls placed at the bottom of the glass. These little and soft balls are eatable, gluten-free, and vegan, and in most cases, they’re made from tapioca starch. When it comes to tea, you can use any variety you want, but it’s most common that the bubble drinks are based on black tea, green tea, or oolong tea.

Boba Tea Stockholm
Boba tea is a super popular drink all over the world

Find delicious Bubble Tea/Boba Tea in Stockholm

To help you in your search for excellent bubble tea/boba tea in Stockholm, we’ve put together a guide to the city’s best boba tea cafés. Here you’ll find everything from small cafés specializing in bubble tea to Asian restaurants where you can end your meal with a delicious bubble tea drink.

Whether you are craving hot boba tea with fluffy cream during the cold seasons or want a cold, refreshing, and fruity bubble tea with ice on a sunny summer day, Stockholm has a boba tea shop for you.


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Calla Bubbles & Sweets

Head to Tekniska Högskolan subway station for some of Stockholm’s finest boba tea
Down in the Tekniska Högskolan metro station, Odengatan exit, you’ll find Calla Bubbles & Sweets, one of Stockholm’s best boba tea places. It’s perfect if you want to cool down on a sunny summer day or spice up your everyday life with a delicious drink. The menu includes over a hundred super tasty drinks with exciting flavors, both hot and cold, all made from quality ingredients from Asia. Matcha Brown, Mango Sago, and Sparkling Honey Orange are just some of the customer favorites. Several are also vegan, and you can get lactose-free milk or oat milk if you wish.

The place is small but cozy and decorated with nice details. There are a few seats, but if it’s full, you can just buy a takeaway. And the fact that the Calla Bubbles & Sweets staff is friendly and delivers excellent service makes things even better. So take the red line 14 if you’re in the mood for extraordinary bubble tea.

Odengatan 4, Östermalm

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Are you looking for super delicious boba tea in the heart of Stockholm? Then you should aim for CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. It’s a popular premium bubble tea chain that has opened over 5,000 stores worldwide since it was founded in 1997. In Stockholm, you can find them in two central locations – in the food hall Sthlm City Food Hall, and on Kungsgatan. Here you can sit down and enjoy first-class bubble tea or order takeaway and drink on the go.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice offers authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, carefully selected teas, and healthy fruit drinks. You can also taste several other refreshing and innovative beverages, and this is definitely the place to be if you like to try drinkable novelties – the shops have a great passion for introducing new flavors and toppings to the market. The menu includes milk tea, fruit tea, fresh tea, milk drinks, and chocolate drinks in many different flavors – just taste your way to your favorite. Bubble Gaga and Mango Green Tea with Coconut Jelly are two customer favorites not to be missed.

Klarabergsgatan 29-31, Norrmalm/City
Kungsgatan 35, Norrmalm/City

Oolong Tea House

When Oolong Tea House opened in Stockholm in 2018, the city got its first fashion tea house, where the inspiration is taken from the Asian tea and dessert culture. In other words, Sweden’s capital got an exciting new alternative to coffee when we’re hungry for ‘fika.’ Today, Oolong Tea House has three places around the city – two in Stockholm city and one in Södermalm. This cozy tea house with modern decor offers a wide range of tasty and unique Asian tea drinks – including super delicious bubble tea. On the menu, you’ll find Pearl Milk Tea, Zang Zang Cha, Matcha Bubble, and Pudding Bubble Tea.

In addition to boba tea, Oolong Tea House offers cheese tea, a mix of cream cheese and tea that feels like mocha, or the summer favorite Fruit Tea, an ice-cold tea drink that mixes oolong tea and fresh fruit. And why not combine the tea drink with delicious Asian desserts such as matcha pastries and crepe cake. Take a break on your shopping tour or walk and sit down at one of the tables or buy good boba tea and enjoy it on the go. With the motto “Where soul meets tea,” you know that you get a tea experience beyond the ordinary.

3 addresses (click to see)
Gallerian, Regeringsgatan 29, Norrmalm/City
Sveavägen 20, Norrmalm/City
Götgatan 39, Södermalm




If you want to have good boba tea in Södermalm, you should head to Ninecha, located close to Slussen. In the small cozy room, they serve Asian drinks, including Taiwanese bubble tea, that places high on many people’s lists of Stockholm’s best boba tea.

The café offers several different varieties of bubble tea, which means you can try a new type with each visit. Bubble 9cha and Bubble Matcha are popular with guests, but you’ll be satisfied no matter what you choose. In order to give you a boba tea experience as authentic as possible, Ninecha imports both pearls and tea directly from Taiwan, and the classic making process is strictly followed.

Katarinavägen 20, Södermalm

Cha Talk

Cha Talk is an excellent alternative if you want to drink boba tea in Vasatan. This hidden gem has a fairly small room, so it is better suited for takeaway than a consuming you drink on site. And the large selection of bubble tea and the friendly staff definitely make up for the lack of square meters.

Cha Talk’s menu includes Classic Bubble Tea, Flavored Milk Tea, Sweetened Milk Tea, Special Milk Tea, Juice Tea, and Fresh Tea, so you’re guaranteed to find a tea drink that suits you. Choose the taste, sweetness, and amount of ice to get your bubble tea just the way you want it. And if you want a snack with your tea drink, try the café’s popular egg waffles!

Rådmansgatan 58, Vasastan
Bubble Tea Stockholm
Refreshing and delicious – try a bubble tea

Machi Machi

Machi Machi is a large boba tea chain founded in Taiwan, with locations all over the world. In Stockholm, you find them in Hötorgshallen. At this popular bubble tea place, there are many different varieties and flavors for those who like bubble tea drinks – fresh machi tea, milk, latte, cream cheese tea, and fresh fruit tea. Whatever you choose, you get a high-quality tea drink both in terms of taste and visual appearance.
Hötorgshallen, Sergelgatan 29, Norrmalm/City
Drink bubble tea in Stockholm
What´s your favorit bubble tea?

Mo Mo Cha – Gamla Stan

For those who want to drink boba tea in Old Town (Gamla stan), Mo Mo Cha is a natural choice. In this pleasant and cozy bubble tea shop, located in the heart of Stockholm’s most cozy district, you can enjoy tasty Asian tea drinks. There are many kinds of bubble tea on the menu, and among all the delicious flavors, Roasted Caramel (which you can only find here) is the hottest candidate for Stockholm’s best bubble tea. Brown Sugar Bubble Tea, Chocolate Boba, and Popping Litchi are other popular orders.

In addition to bubble tea, Mo Mo Cha also offers other refreshing fruit drinks where Mango Sago Slush and Strawberry Cream Cheese are two customer favorites. In addition, the shop has excellent ice cream from one of the city’s best ice cream shops, Stockholms Glasshus.

Kornhamnstorg 49, Old Town




YOI is located in the food court K25, with a top location in central Stockholm. It’s an Asian restaurant that offers modern Asian food from different cuisines, both cold and hot dishes. Fast slow food as they describe it themselves, and here you can enjoy everything from street food to traditional dishes.

Embark on an exciting food journey that’ll take you to vibrant Asia – a street in Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Saigon – without leaving Stockholm. The extensive menu includes Vietnamese Phở, Thai curries, Korean bibimbap, and much more. And, of course, Taiwanese bubble tea – the perfect end to your meal. YOI also has a restaurant in Täby Centrum.

K25, Kungsgatan 25, Norrmalm/City
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Enjoy delicious bubble tea/boba tea in Stockholm

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best bubble tea/boba tea spots. We hope you find a boba tea place that suits you, whether you want to buy a refreshing bubble tea and enjoy a sunny summer day in the nearest park, want to sit at a cozy café with your best friend, or round off dinner at an Asian restaurant with something delicious. Stockholm has a fantastic selection of great bubble tea for those who love Taiwanese tea drinks.

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