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Combining classical tailoring with our new digital reality has been a dream for the fashion interested friends Alexander Moström and Daniel Apler. A dream that became a reality; the exclusive clothing brand Blugiallo fulfilled it.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

The story of Blugiallo began five years ago in the Italian town Bologna when Alexander Moström visited Daniel Apler who studied there. They were enjoying a meal at a restaurant when suddenly, a well-dressed older gentleman came through the door. They stopped their conversation and kept staring at him.

“It was so obvious that he was wearing custom-made clothes. He was far more elegant than me and Daniel combined. This led to a lot of thoughts and discussions,” says Alexander.

Our concept suits men that like to look nice and right but don’t enjoy going around stores.

What they experienced in the restaurant stayed in their thoughts when they came home to Sweden. The idea of combining classical, traditional handicraft with today’s digital business solutions stuck with them and finally developed clear contours. The former MBA graduates found a solution which, simply put, changed their lives.

The solution’s name is Blugiallo.

Today, the company has two showrooms, one in Borås and one on Artillerigatan in Stockholm. This is where the journey begins for those who become Blugiallo’s customers.

Blugiallo, clothing store in Stockholm

“During the first visit, we discuss the needs and preferences of that particular person. This is what distinguishes us from the many classical retailers. The garments we produce are always a result of the customer’s unique needs and preferences – with our consultation as guidance, of course. The actual measuring is clearly an important part, but also fabric quality, color, patterns, and design. After that, the customer receives a personal login at, where the individual measures are saved for the next order which can be made directly via Blugiallo’s e-commerce.”

But what if, for example, one has gained a little weight since the last purchase?

“That’s a question we often hear, but that’s not a problem. We take between 30 and 55 different measures, from different angles and basic positions so if altering is needed, it’s just a minor adjustment. What a lot of people forget is that your custom-made clothes will still fit you remarkably better than standard size, even if your measures have changed,” he says.

We offer high-quality, made-to-measure clothes for the same price exclusive brands sell standard-sized clothing. We have a unique offer.

– Alexander Moström –

Alexander also believes that this concept suits a lot of men.

“They like to look nice and right but don’t enjoy going around stores.”

Blugiallo offers high-quality products, but Alexander points out that the price is approximately the same as in exclusive shops where they don’t provide made-to-measure clothes.

“Our production is outsourced. Our entire business model is built on keeping the cost-increasing posts that traditional retail has down, like purchasing, production, and warehousing. In return, we offer high-quality, made-to-measure clothes for the same price exclusive brands sell standard sized clothing. We have a unique offer,” says Alexander Moström.

Blugiallo tailored clothes

The three steps of the Blugiallo process:

  1. Attend an open event, book a group event or book a visit for private measuring. You’ll get to sit down with an expert and talk about yourself, your needs and preferences, what kind of garment you’re looking for and what sort of fabric you prefer. After that, all your data and measures are collected and saved on a page made specifically for you at
  2. The order is delivered after 4-6 weeks, and you get login information for the e-commerce site. Here, you’ll find your dashboard, with information about your current and previous orders. You can even see your measures here and stay informed about Blugiallo’s selection.
  3. Keep in touch. You can reach Blugiallo’s experts via the live chat on the website. Exchange style tips, get help with your current orders or book an appointment to meet up at the next event.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Blugiallo.

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