The Best of the British Pubs!

With being British and living in Stockholm, I found it vitally important to find a good British-styled pup to go to every so often. When my Dad came to visit a couple of weeks ago, we stumbled across The Bull and Bear in Östermalm. It’s a very typical British pub. Lit by candle light, they have done a cracking job with the interior and the drinks are great! They have a huge selection of beer on tap and even a special Gin and Tonic menu! But the smell. How? How did they manage to get it to smell the same? Walking inside The Bull and Bear was like walking into The Black Bull in Lindley, Huddersfield. It felt like home. The service was great and the staff were super friendly. And also, the toilets were immaculately clean and had Dyson hand dryers. I was very impressed.


We started to make special trips to The Bull and Bear at least once a week. It’s only 5 tube stops away… so it’s not much effort at all and it’s super central. So if you’re visiting, it’s going to be in the perfect location for you to pop in and have a drink.
Last night, my boyfriend and I decided we would go out for a drink whilst we waited for our slow cooker (also very British) to heat up our Spag Blog – not so British. We decided we wanted to find somewhere like The Bull and Bear, but a bit closer to home, so we hopped on the tube to Fridhemsplan.
We stepped out of the tube station and saw Copperfields. It looked like a pub – Bingo. We peeped our heads around the door, which posed as a red phone box, to check to see how many people were inside – looked good, in we went. The man at the bar advised us to head upstairs where there was a bigger seating area. So up we went.
When it comes to interior, attention to detail is key. The London styled street lights dotted up and down this pub make it quite unique. It created a lovely ambiance which was very inviting. They have full length windows across the entire floor with a good view of the street and plenty of seating space, too. We went on a Tuesday evening and it was pretty much full. However, we still managed to find a great place to sit. The atmosphere was very pub like – laid back and cosy. The staff were friendly and attentive and the drinks were great and fairly priced too.
We had a little look at the food menu, but didn’t eat on this occasion due to the Spag Bol waiting at home – although it was very tempting to order some Nachos!
Im looking forward to my next visit here. I think we might have found our new local 🙂

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