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- utilitarian timepieces perfectly suited for professional use in extreme situations

Bell & Ross is a luxury watch company designed by French-Swiss designer Bruno Belamich and businessman Carlos A. Rosillo. The watches are known for their unique craftsmanship, designed to replicate the shape of an aircraft cockpit instrument.

Last updated: March 5, 2021

Over the years, their functional designs have been inspired by extreme activities such as scuba diving, motor racing, and aviation racing. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Karen Bacos, International PR Coordinator in Paris.

Our goal is to create utilitarian timepieces perfectly suited for professional use

Where does the story of Bell & Ross begin?

The Bell & Ross story started in a cockpit and has since become a reference in the instrument watch field since 1994. Our goal is to create utilitarian timepieces perfectly suited for professional use. Our motto is to privilege functional design, to promote the essential without letting any space for the superfluous.

We have been in the Swedish market for more than five years, with sales increasing each year. We have also seen noteworthy growth in countries like Australia, France, UK, Italy and especially in our new subsidiaries in the Middle East and Asia.

Bell & Ross - Renault Sport Formula One

Bell & Ross has a partnership with the Renault Sport Formula One Team

What makes Bell & Ross Unique?

We have a dual culture. Our Headquarters are based in Paris, France, but all of our timepieces are produced in La-Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. They are Swiss-Made. We are proud to be the first Franco-Swiss company in the watchmaking industry that has become a benchmark in the world of professional aviation watches.

The functional design is the pure essence of our brand. All of our creations are based on a key principle “Every detail has its own meaning and function.” Our modern models conjure the essence of our original models, and in this way, each watch is ultimately timeless.

Last but not least, our partnership with the Renault Sport Formula One Team has been a completely new challenge for us for the past two years. By entering this universe, we have extended our creativity to another domain with which we share the same values: precision, high-tech, innovation. It also generates a worldwide brand awareness.

Functional design is the pure essence of our brand. All of our creations are based on a key principle: Every detail has its own meaning and function.

– Karen Bacos –

Are there any new models that might stand out with our readers?

Since our beginning, the world of aeronautics has been a main source of inspiration for us. This year, we plunge into a new adventure: The Aviation Speed Race with the BR Bird Concept. It’s been a creative exercise for us to design the BR Bird prototype racing plane to race in such a record-breaking event. It symbolized Bell & Ross’s Passion for aviation and creativity. The plane invention inspired the creation of two new watches in limited editions of 999 pieces each: The V1-92 and V2-94 Racing Bird.

Since partnering up with the Renault Sport Formula One Team, we’ve released the R.S.18 Collection. This collection really embodies our search for speed and performance, with a trilogy of chronographs that measure short periods of time–an essential tool in motor racing.

Last year, we presented our first square diving watch with success. This collection fulfills strict criteria as defined by international diving standards ISO 6425, such as resistance to water pressure, reliability, and legibility with luminescent markers. This perfectly illustrates our idea of contemporary Haute Horlogerie (high-art of watchmaking).

Bell & Ross square diving watch

BR03-92 Diver Blue – Bell & Ross’ square diving watch

How has the reception of your business been so far in Sweden?

It’s been good, even though it is still a young market. As a very conservative culture, we need to communicate about our brand’s DNA and history. Swedish people appreciate the aspect of uniqueness and singularity of our watches’ iconic shape. It is quite differentiating from what they are used to wearing daily.

Where can people find you? What are your upcoming events or promotions in Sweden?

Some events are going to be organized through our local points of sales to introduce our new collection to their clients.

You can discover Bell & Ross’ universe and collections at:

Stockholm: Franks Ur (Drottninggatan 39, Norrmalm) and Fredmans Ur (Strandvägen 15, Östermalm)
Gislaved: August Petersson & Son

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