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If you’re in Stockholm and like Belgian food and culture you should visit Belgobaren on Bryggargatan in the middle of the city. This is a restaurant that loves Belgium, which you can tell by the name, and they want to pass on that passion to their guests. Here you can enjoy good well-cooked food a Belgian touch, try more than 300 Belgian beers and participate in activities related to Belgium.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Just a short walk from T-centralen and Drottninggatan, you’ll find the popular ‘Belgian’ neighborhood restaurant Belgobaren which is located on a quiet back street in the middle of town close to most things. Here, rustic wood and metal are mixed with glamorous crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and there’s also a lovely outdoor seating where you can watch people passing by.

On shelves and in refrigerators around the premises, you’ll see some of all the different types of beer that Belgobaren offers. And just as you might expect from a Belgian restaurant, the classic dish Moules Frites is served in different versions. Every month, the restaurant’s guests eat as much as 2.5 tonnes of Swedish organic mussels from the west coast. The mussels are first boiled traditionally with white wine, celery, yellow onion, garlic, leek, carrots, and thyme.

Enjoy the classic Belgian dish Moules Frites as well as more than 300 different Belgian beers.

Since the year 2000, Belgian beer and food inspired by Belgium have been served on Bryggargatan 12 in Stockholm. From the beginning, the Belgobar was called ‘Hörnans kök and Belgobar’ and was much smaller back then. Over the years, the focus has become more and more Belgian, and they’ve expanded and rebuilt several times. Previously the business had three co-owners, but today it’s owned and run by Linda Liljeholt and Jan Dufva with good help from their dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

There are about 350 different Belgian beers served here, and the staff, with their excellent knowledge, will be happy to guide you to the right beer for you. The company continuously has education trips to Belgium for the staff to learn more about beer, beer brewing, and the Belgian food culture. They also serve Belgobaren’s own beers, Belgo Pils and Belgo IPA 5.5, which are brewed according to Belgian recipes.

If you’re extra curious about the world-famous Belgian beer culture, you can also book a beer tasting where you can try five different Belgian beers. During the tasting, you’ll learn more about how the beers have been brewed and a lot of other interesting information.

Belgobaren, Belgian beer in Stockholm

If you’re not a beer fan, there are, of course, also different types of wine and non-alcoholic alternatives served in the restaurant. In addition, you can often find stronger spirits that may have been in a barrel with, for example, Duvel. Another example is Golden Dragon in Laphroaig barrels.

“We’re not a fine dining restaurant, but we want to serve good and well-cooked food. It’s important for us that everyone feels comfortable here. You should be able to come here in whatever outfit you want and feel that you fit in,” says Linda Liljeholt and continues:

“Also, as a manager, I want everyone to feel at home. We have a lot of staff who have worked here for a long time; we’re like one big family.”

The restaurant is open every day of the week all year round since it also provides food for guests from the Freys Hotel, located next door to Belgobaren. Many of the guests are recurring, and there are even dishes on the menu where guests have been involved in the creating process. And even though much of the food is inspired by Belgian cuisine, it’s traditional home-cooked food on the lunch menu. In the evening, they also serve vegetarian dishes, burgers, lamb, and fish.

We’re not a fine dining restaurant, but we want to serve good and well-cooked food. It’s important for us that everyone feels comfortable here.

– Linda Liljeholt –

The menu is continually changing, but all the different Moules Frites dishes can always be ordered. Some of the many mussel variants are, for example, Moules Trappist, prepared with Trappist beer and cream, Moules Morney with Grana Padano and cream, or why not a classic Moules Marineré. All mussels are served with a Belgo Pils/IPA or a glass of wine and bread. You can also choose a non-alcoholic alternative. You can dine either in the restaurant or on the outdoor terrace. If you would rather take your lunch with you, it is possible to order take away food.

You can also have more seasonal food when it’s, for example, asparagus season or a New Year’s dinner.

“We’re very flexible when it comes to guests’ wishes and always try to meet all their needs,” says Linda.

Belgobaren Stockholm

At Belgobaren, you’ll spot guests from all over the world and also a lot of Stockholmers. Old and young, women and men, guests from Freys hotel, love couples, or groups of friends in the mood for a Belgian beer tasting. People come here to relax, meet friends, celebrate a birthday, or just have a beer in peace and quiet. On the weekends, the restaurant sometimes also have live music entertainment at the bar.

“Here, we also welcome guests with dogs; just let us know when you book a table, and we’ll place you in the right part of the restaurant. We also recommend everyone to book a table since it’s often very crowded in the evenings. At lunch, however, you can’t book a table,” says Linda.

So the next time you’re longing for delicious food and drink with a Belgian touch in a pleasant atmosphere, visit Belgobaren!

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