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It’s hard to beat the feeling of a new haircut or shave. To sit down in the chair at a real barbershop, relax, and be taken care of by your hairdresser or barber can do wonders for both body and soul. And above all – the hair. But how do you find the right one? What salon is Stockholm’s best barbershop? How do you know that you can relax and feel confident that the result will be as you want? The answer: you use our guide to Stockholm’s best barbers.
Last updated: January 23, 2024

Your guide to Stockholm’s best barbershop

The old-fashioned barbershop tradition, which dates back to the early 19th century, has made a strong comeback in Stockholm in recent years. And it’s definitely here to stay. Today, men’s salons are available in all areas of the city, so if you want to trim your beard, get a clean shave or cut your hair, there’ll be no problem finding one that suits you.

To make it easier for you to find the right men’s hairdresser and stylist, we’ve explored the options and picked our favorites. In this guide, you’ll find everything from classic barbers to modern barbershops in Stockholm.



Rabys Barbershop

Rabys Barbershop is one of the city’s top hairdressers for men
Rabys Barbershop is a barber and hairdresser in Kungsholmen that belongs to the city’s top elite in cutting and styling. Here, you’re in extremely safe hands, and whether you want the latest trend hairstyle or are looking for a classic look, you’re guaranteed to be more than satisfied with the result. Raby is knowledgeable, responsive, happy to come up with ideas if you need help finding your style, and understands all possible hair types. The fact that he’s also one of Stockholm’s friendliest hairdressers makes it even better.

The nice salon has a nice vibe and barbershop atmosphere with a stylish interior design and checkered flooring. The icing on the cake is the cool graffiti on the wall with the salon’s name. And if you want to complement your haircut with other treatments, the salon offers beard trimming, facial cleansing, and other male grooming services. There are many praises and returning customers, which is no surprise – at Rabys Barbershop, you get a complete experience.

Wargentinsgatan 7, Kungsholmen

Salong Crystal

Classic interior design at Salon Crystal

In Kungsholmen, you’ll find one of Stockholm’s best barbershops, Salong Crystal. Men from all over the city come to this skilled barber and hair salon for shaves, trims, hair care, and facials. You’ll get a luxurious makeover, and the goal is to leave the salon looking fresh and stylish, ready for the day. Both adults and children are welcome.

In their stylish premises, Salon Crystal offers a wide range of pampering treatments, whether you want to fix your hair and beard before an important work event or get a clean shave à la Bruce Willis. Sit down in the chair, be pampered, and enjoy the pleasant treatment. Experienced hair stylists are well-trained and are always up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and coloring methods. If you want to buy products, there’s a well-stocked selection of high-quality, gentle, and eco-friendly hair, beard, and skin care products (they also have an online shop).

Scheelegatan 13, Kungsholmen

Rusty Rascals

Rusty Rascals, located in Hammarby Sjöstad and Norra Djurgårdsstaden, is the place for you if you want top-class treatments by skilled barbers who know their craft. Here you can fix your hairstyle – both short hair and long hair, trim the beard, or whatever you need to look good.

And in this combined barbershop, café, and bistro, you can not only get your beard trimmed or your hair styled but also enjoy good food and drink. Have a coffee while you wait for your turn, and then hang on after the haircut and revel in what many have described as the city’s best pizzas. Or stop by in the evening and have a beer or two with your best friend – even if the hairstyle feels good at the moment. Because of its great atmosphere and friendly staff, Rusty Rascals is much more than just a place you want to visit when your hair has become too long.

Lövängsgatan 12A,
Norra Djurgårdsstaden
Hammarby allé 59,
Hammarby Sjöstad  


Royal Barbershop

In the middle of Stockholm city, you’ll find Royal Barbershop with a wonderful American feel and decor. The salon is run by Barber Big T, trained at the American Barber Institute in New York, so it’s no surprise that his barbershop is often fully booked. Big T takes care of shaving, men’s haircuts, and grooming of both beards and mustaches.
Gamla Brogatan 32, Norrmalm/City
Barbershop Stockholm

Lazy Barber

Lazy Barber is located in Kungsholmen, close to Lilla Essingen. And entering this place is like stepping into an American barbershop in the 1950s. The retro vibes are strong in everything from interior design to grooming products. The barbers taking care of you in this old-school shop have many years of experience in the profession. The owner himself has been around the longest and can be proud of over 40 years in the industry. The focus is on service and care – and the fact that some customers have cut their hair here for 30 years proves they’re satisfied. Whether it’s beard, hair, trimming, or grooming on the schedule, you can count on the highest quality – all while enjoying a coffee and bun from the coffee bar.
Gjörwellsgatan 47, Kungsholmen
Barbershop Stockholm

Mannerståls Herrfrisering

If you want to treat yourself to good hair care in Old Town, you should visit Mannerståls Herrfrisering. For more than three generations, this salon has taken care of the capital’s gentlemen. They focus on the craft and care a little extra about tradition and quality. The salon offers haircuts, beard trimming, as well as knife shaving in several different variants. Alan Mannerstål won the title Barber of the year in 2019, a real quality mark.
Skomakargatan 28, Old Town

Barber & Books

Barbers and books – is that a good combination? Yes, in fact a perfect one. Barber & Books is another good barber in Södermalm. Since 2007 they’ve gathered fine photo books and handsome men in their premises on Östgötagatan to create a total experience. The inspiration comes from Harlem, New York. The salon offers haircuts and shaving with massages and warm towels. With barbers in white coats who in a classic spirit take care of you in a 20s-inspired environment, you could easily relax and dream away. In addition, they offer a large selection of their own products made from natural ingredients for you to buy.
Östgötagatan 21, Södermalm


Honest Al’s

This place is a lot of punk. That’s right, punk. Honest Al’s is run by the former punk rocker and very experienced Al together with his team. You’ll find his barbershop in Södermalm and Mariatorget, and with humor, quality and service, it has become very popular over the years. ‘Not your average barbershop,’ as they describe it themselves. You can buy grooming products that keep your hair and beard in good condition in both the store and on the website. You can also grab some merchandise.
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9, Södermalm

Mr Nils

We end the list with a true classic – in a new modern style. Today, this historic hair salon is called Mr Nils, but in the same premises, located in the middle of central Stockholm, this men’s hairdresser has been taking care of men who want to look good in their hair since 1885. This makes it one of Stockholm’s oldest addresses for male grooming. The salon’s previous owner Gunther Panzel took over the premises in 1971 and then established G.H. Herrsalong. It was then taken over by another owner who ran it until the beginning of 2021.

Today, the new owners have renovated but retained the premises’ classic feel of an oasis in Norrmalm, a stone’s throw from Stureplan. In this ‘home outside the home,’ they’ve been inspired by men’s salons in London and invest in feeling and quality in their shaves and haircuts. ‘He gets up from the chair and immediately longs to return’ is the feeling Mr. Nils himself wants to give you as a customer. And after a visit here, you understand exactly what he means.

Lästmakargatan 6, Norrmalm/City

Sankt Eriks Barbershop

Sankt Eriks Barbershop
Give your hair and beard first-class treatments at Sankt Eriks Barbershop in Vasastan

If you want a professional and modern haircut or shave while enjoying a moment of pleasant relaxation, you should book an appointment at Sankt Eriks Barbershop. This traditional hair salon and barber in Stockholm is located on Sankt Eriksgatan in Vasastan and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. In other words, you’re in safe hands. The salon’s goal is for you to leave feeling fresher than when you arrived. And you will, for sure. With your new stylish look, you’re ready to conquer the world. And if you have difficulty finding your style, you can get expert help to find the right hair and beard style.

At Sankt Eriks Barbershop, you can treat yourself to a shave in the traditional way, with a razor and cold and hot wraps. If it’s your hair that needs trimming, you can get a modern haircut, like a high and tight skin fade. Regardless of the treatment, you as a customer will be well taken care of by the skilled, pleasant, and perceptive staff who deliver top-class service and do everything to make you happy. That, combined with the friendly atmosphere and a lovely old-school feeling, makes customers coming back. And if you want to buy some products to take good care of your hair and beard on your own, the salon has an excellent selection of grooming products, many of which are organic.

Sankt Eriksgatan 64, Vasastan

Find Stockholm’s best barbershop for you

We hope that one of these men’s salons can become Stockholm’s best barbershop for you. Whether you want to trim, cut, shave, or just a moment that is 100% about you, you’re guaranteed to find a good barber on the list. Just book an appointment; you’re worth it.

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