Autumn in Stockholm let’s see how to survive it!

Well, on my Instagram blog, I get one and the same question for hundred and hundred times: how cold is it is Stockholm?! What should we wear?

So look, guys. There is a problem. The weather in Stockholm is very changeable. If you don’t have a magic ball that lets you look in the future, I would recommend to check up the weather forecast 1-2 days before the trip. Because otherwise there are big chances that forecast will be changed.

And the second thing: do not rely on weather forecasts if they promise good weather!

Guess what day it was? 4th of November 2016!

Well, ok, now I’m being too scary, but here is the secret that you should know about the weather in Stockholm. Thought it might show -1 Celsius, with the wind and humid it might feel like -11!

It is because everywhere in Stockholm you can find water, which is beautiful, but also the reason why it can blow all day. And in narrow passages if Gamla Stan it might be blowing and a tornado sometimes!

Is it really so bed?

Not at all!

We have amazing autumns with beautiful nature, when leaves turn red and golden, and with sun it is looks really magical!

Golden autumn in Stockholm

But I do try to scare you a bit, so that you will be prepared for good and bad!

If you plan to visit Stockholm in September or October grab some extra jacket with you. I prefer to have scarfs and hats already in early September. And some comfortable shoes that can survive rain.

But if you get cold, remember that it might be a good reason for extra shopping!

On such streets as Drottninggatan and Sergelgatan you can find affordable brands, but if you look forward for more exclusive shopping have a look at Biblioteksgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan!

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