Authentic sushi in Stockholm

Did you know that most of the sushi restaurants and sushi bars all over the world offer an adapted version of the real Japanese sushi? Rolls like Philadelphia or California just don’t exist in Japan. I was very surprised by hearing it from one of my friends, who has dedicated his life to an Asian culture. And indeed, remembering my trip to Japan several years ago, I can’t recall any rolls served in restaurants, which I was so familiar with eating in Moscow or any other European city.

This week I was told about a unique restaurant called Shibuya Sushi located in the centre of Stockholm (at Dalagatan 58, metro Odenplan – see the map), which I, as a very passionate sushi-lover, definitely had to try myself! It was represented to me as the best sushi place in the city, and I, loaded with tons of criticism, have booked a table there.

First of all, location is excellent – 2 min walk from the metro stop Odenplan. Secondly, it was a clean place with minimalistic design, but at the same time, it was very cosy because of people working at Shibuya – my friend and I were very warmly welcomed. And thirdly, it was the freshest fish I ever tasted in Stockholm! The cook is from Japan, who knows all the traditions and secrets of the original sushi, creating them with the old authentic techniques.

When our sushi was ready (which was literally in 2 minutes after we made an order), the person, who served them, kindly explained everything about the dish, providing detailed information about every piece of fish we got. One important thing I would pay your attention is that sushi in Shibuya is made with wasabi inside (actually, as they should be in origin), so if you don’t like this spice (like me), you have to ask in advance for the cook to skip adding it inside. Also, on a special request, they have a liquid wasabi, which they can add into your soy sauce.

Otherwise, I found it a very interesting experience to try the REAL sushi so far from Japan. 🙂 Be ready that it is not what most of us are usually used to in the ordinary sushi-bars… But don’t worry, for those, who are not ready for authentic experiments, Shibuya also offers popular rolls like Philadelphia, California, etc.


Another thing that caused my respect is that in Shibuya people work with the real Japanese inventory – with knives from “Japanese Knife Company”, which I already mentioned in the article about Japanese culture in Stockholm. I always admire things and places that don’t only look but  ARE professional from the beginning to the end.

Name: Shibuya Sushi
Where: Dalagatan 58 (metro Odenplan)
Opening hours:
Monday 11 am – 9 pm
Tuesday 11 am – 9 pm
Wednesday 11 am – 9 pm
Thursday 11 am – 9 pm
Friday 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday closed
Sunday closed
Instagram: @shibuya_sushibar

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