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Good sleep is essential for us to feel good, but choosing the right bed can be a real challenge.  Atlantis Sängspecialisten (Bed Specialist) has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and this means you will find quality beds in all price ranges. The company offers two bed collections of their own, ErgoBed Atlantis and Atlantis VILA, as well as a collection of beds and mattresses from Tempur.

Sleep exclusively in design by Carl Malmsten

The most exclusive bed is the Vila Superior Carl Malmsten Edition and is one of the world’s most comfortable and modern beds. The bed is covered in “Fågel Blå” (Blue Bird), the first and only patterned upholstery by Carl Malmsten, one of Sweden’s most loved designers. The fabric is woven exclusively for VILA by Pelle Vävare.

The modern patented springsystem, along with the mattress pad (which is made of exclusive natural materials) provides perfect pressure relief and effective removal of humidity for a more comfortable and airy bed climate. Superior is available in both continental and adjustable versions – and, quite simply, it is a beautiful, wonderfully comfortable, and practical bed. The best way to discover this is to visit the Atlantis store and try it out by hopping on one of the beds. You may never get up!

Atlantis sängspecialisten

Atlantis has one goal: to bring good sleep to the people. At Atlantis you buy a good night’s rest, not just a bed. They are the only company in the bed industry to do their own sleep research in order to provide you all the answers about which bed best suits your needs.

A bed completely personalized for you

In 2006 Atlantis’ ErgoBed, the first completely personalised bed was launched. In order to measure each individual’s body profile, Atlantis uses ErgoCheck, a computer program that scans your body profile with 1,600 sensors and shows exactly how much support each part of your body needs. ErgoCheck has two different levels, a simpler version if you are looking for a standard bed and a more comprehensive scientific analysis that gives you your own unique bed ID if you choose an Atlantis ErgoBed. When the test is complete, you get your own bed ID. Then your ErgoBed is handmade in Atlantis’ own bed factory in Vallentuna, just outside of Stockholm.

Stores in Stockholm

There are several Atlantis stores in the Stockholm area, and you’ll find opening hours for each store on the company’s website. On the website you can also make an appointment for ErgoCheck.

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Arninge Centre

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