Armory museum in Stockholm

You can find Armory museums almost in every country all over the world, and all of them are very special and unusual in their way. Sweden is not an exception. The Royal Armory Museum is one of my favourite museums in Stockholm along with the Vasa Museum and History Museum which I will write about later. Visiting it is like going back to mid-century, where you can see, touch and breath the history.

The Royal Armory or Livrustkammaren as it is called in Swedish is placed in the centre of the city – at the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan (see the map here). Since the beginning of the year 2016, most of the museums in Stockholm including Armory Museum have free entrance, which makes it very easy to explore the history and culture of the great nation.

Armoury Museum is the oldest museum in Sweden – it was established by King Gustav II Adolph in 1628 after his decision to preserve clothes that he wore during his campaign in Poland. This excellent museum illustrates the history of monarchs from famous Gustav Vasa (1496-1560) until present days; multiple collections include clothes, armour, weapons, jewellery, carriages and many other historical items (for example blood-stained shirts, etc. ).

In the 1850s the ceremonial costumes of representatives of Swedish royal family were taken from the Royal Wardrobe and incorporated into the Royal Armory, which you can still see perfectly saved behind the glass. Other valuable ceremonial props for parades (such as saddles) had been brought to the Royal Armory at the beginning of 17th century; at the end of 19th century, the most beautiful royal carriages joined the collection from the Royal Stables.

The most dramatic collection in the Armory museum is the “Theater of Death. Five Centuries of Royal Funerals in Sweden” placed on the second floor. There you can see a history of royal funeral processions from Gustav Vasa in 1560 to Gustaf V in 1950 and photos of open coffins. If you are too sensitive I recommend you to skip this part of a museum, otherwise, it is another fascinating part of history.


At the exit, as always, there will be an excellent souvenir shop awaiting you, where you can buy books, feathers, engravings and other things that will remind you of your trip to Sweden.

P.S. I was very impressed to find out that the Armory museum collection also is existing online. In its database (available in 104 languages) you can find over 90 000 object records. This is fantastic! You can literally visit the museum while sitting home. 🙂

(!) An important thing to know: the Armory museum is very welcoming for kids! It offers a special program for young explorers – nearby some of the exhibits on the floor you can find a small mouse (or a rat) in a golden crown and imperial ribbon over its shoulder in Swedish colours, who will lead young visitors through a light, but a still very interesting version of Swedish history. Also, the museum offers different interactive games for children an opportunity to try on real armour and princess dresses. 🙂 

Official website of Armory museum


Monday – closed (!)
Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 –17:00
Thursday 11:00 – 20:00

Slottsbacken 3 (The Royal Palace), Stockholm

♣ How to get there:
→    By subway
Red or green subway-line to station “Gamla stan”.
→    By bus
Bus number 2, 53, 55, 57, 76 to busstop “Slottsbacken”
Bus number: 3, 59 to busstop “Riddarhustorget”


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