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– enjoy Stockholm's best whiskey in the heart of Old Town

Ardbeg Embassy offers Stockholm’s best whiskey in authentic Scottish surroundings in Old Town. Quench your thirst with a selection of 300 different whiskeys, or why not satisfy your stomach with a well-made Biff Rydberg.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

The name comes from the Ardbeg whiskey, which is known for its smoky saltiness and complex nature.

“Those who know whiskey think it’s wow,” says Charbel Daoud, one of the owners. In total, they are four brothers with more than 20 years of experience in the industry that run this restaurant, pub, and bar on Västerlånggatan in Old Town. They found Ardbeg Embassy in 2000.

“It felt just right, so we acquired it and worked our way up to better numbers,” says Charbel. For example, their efforts paid off in 2015 when they were named Sweden’s best whiskey pub.

Ardbeg Embassy offers 300 different types of whiskeys from all over the world and 28 different beer taps from Swedish microbreweries.

At Ardberg Embassy, you’ll find a wide selection of top-quality whiskey, beer, and wine. You’re offered 300 different types of whiskeys from all over the world as well as 28 different beer taps from Swedish microbreweries, so you’re guaranteed to find a favorite.

There are also regular beer and whiskey tastings, Beer Maker dinners and wine tastings. The whiskey tasting is the most popular. Here you have three options. Either you visit an open whiskey tasting where a specific date is stated on the website and welcome everyone who wants to come or the staff holds a simpler whiskey tasting for the guests on-site. The third option is that companies or individuals book a date where a whiskey lecturer guides them through the experience.

Ardbeg Embassy pub Old Town

The biggest surprise with Ardbeg is their menu that is entirely focused on well-cooked food made from Swedish ingredients. Forest and nature meet wild flavors such as moose, deer, and reindeer, where the meat is basted with smoky whiskey. Other stars on the plates are sea buckthorn, lingonberry, and cucumber, as well as classics such as Toast Skagen and Biff Rydberg.

The restaurant makes 95% of all the food itself, and the dining experience must offer genuine quality. Every day, three new types of bread and Swedish crispbread are baked. If you’re craving dessert, you should try the Ardbeg ice cream, a whiskey-spiced Mocca, and chocolate ice cream served with caramel cream, roasted pistachio, and almond. A favorite of the house!

Not to brag about ourselves, but the staff should know a lot since we are niched.

– Charbel Daoud –

The whiskey Ardbeg distillery is located on the island Islay on the west coast of Scotland. The staff usually go there once every two years to gain inspiration and knowledge, and this is one of the things that makes Ardbeg Embassy unique. The team has worked there for more than 15 years and has solid knowledge of both range and menu.

“Not to brag about ourselves, but the staff should know a lot since we are niched,” Charbel explains. The menus are repeated regularly, and when new whiskey varieties land on the shelves, they are carefully reviewed — everything to offer a first-class service.

Ardbeg Embassy restaurant in Stockholm

The guests are many and mixed with recurring After Works, restaurant bookings, and events. Because of the whiskey selection, Ardbeg Embassy attracts many men and usually older gentlemen. And despite their gold location in the tourist-friendly Old Town, they actually entice even more guests in the winter. Perhaps it’s the homely atmosphere that attracts thirsty and good food-loving souls. Happy tourists are all very well, but Ardbeg is primarily filled with loyal regulars. Become one you too!

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