An afternoon at Äppelfabriken on Faringsö

Äpplefabriken Jillian Mascarenhas

A few Sundays ago, ready for some fresh air and a view of rolling greenery unmarred by architecture of any sort (even though I’m enamored with Stockholm’s version of it), we borrowed a car, picked up some friends and headed out to the countryside, which we arrived in less than 10 minutes after leaving the city. I still can’t believe how close near-uninhabited land is!

Our destination was Äppelfabriken in Svartsjö on Faringsö (an island) 45 minutes away from Stockholm. I’d read about it on another expat’s blog and thought a visit there would make a perfect fall day trip.

Äpplefabriken Jillian MascarenhasÄpplefabriken Jillian MascarenhasÄpplefabriken Jillian MascarenhasÄpplefabriken Jillian Mascarenhas

But, there were hardly any apples left on the trees and those that were still dotting the branches weren’t supposed to be picked, as the orchard was preparing to make a film. We had to snag one anyway, though, as a little girl had been promised an afternoon of apple picking and we couldn’t disappoint her.

Besides the lack of apples to be had, it also wasn’t exactly as I’d expected, given how used I am to the apple and pumpkin farms of the Hudson Valley just north of Mahattan, which are a little more dense and abundant, with well-populated rows and rows of trees and creeping vines to choose from. But in any case, the gorgeous drive there (where we saw elks racing across the meadow!), the utterly delicious and cozy fika we took inside one of the cottages, and the company made it worthwhile.

Äpplefabriken Jillian Mascarenhas

All photographs by Jillian Mascarenhas.

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