Andalucia – Spanish heat in a Nordic version

Andalusia is a mythical region of southern Spain, the hottest of all in Europe. Restaurant Andalucia, on Döbelnsgatan in Stockholm, has taken the Iberian heat to Scandinavia and combined the menus with exciting experiences – before and after you are having dinner.

Restaurant Andalucia in Stockholm is in its way a mirror of its Spanish model. Here you can find the heat from the southern latitudes packaged in both menu and decor.

Andalusia is known for its Moorish architecture, even though the region has been Catholic since 1492. The Moorish decor is echoed in Restaurant Andalucia, as well as the menus’ focus on fresh fish and seafood.

Pescado fresco del dia is the Spanish term for the day’s fresh catch of fish. It is a very vivid motto also on Andalusia’s most northern outpost. The main courses at the restaurant stays just under SEK 300, and the emphasis on seafood is strong. The menu changes depending on what fresh seafood and fresh fish that is possible to purchase for the day.

The menus are specially composed, but you can just as well, completely unambitious, just drop in for a beer and some tapas.

However, a real experience is about more than food and drink. Therefore, Andalucia has initiated cooperation with some of the entrepreneurs located nearby.

One example is Laserdome on Surbrunnsgatan, about 100 meters from the restaurant. There you can fight a battle of “life and death” in the dark labyrinths. A perfect starter, including a shower, before your night at Andalucia begins.

Another possible “starter” experience is murder mystery. With the help of different missions, clues, and improvisations, the participants under the guidance of professional actors try to solve a murder mystery in connection with the dinner. Excitement and laughter is the perfect introduction to the more culinary ending at Andalucia.

In addition to these activities, it is possible to combine an evening at Andalucia in several different ways. Latin Dance lessons, or wine tasting, are two of the more popular choices.

Or why not combine a delicious dinner with an educational class on a cocktail school?

About Restaurant Andalucia

Address: Döbelnsgatan 79
Menu: Spanish with an emphasis on fish and seafood

In association with Restaurant Andalucia

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