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– homemade authentic Vietnamese food in Stockholm

An Nam is the historical name for Vietnam, but also the name of the new kid on Stockholm’s restaurant scene. Swing by Tegnergatan for authentic Vietnamese food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

An Nam opened its doors in August 2019 on Tegnérgatan 19 in Vasastan in the heart of Stockholm. Michael Vu runs the restaurant with his mother.

“It’s a challenge, of course. We both work and live together. The job and the private tend to blend together.”

When they’re not working, they talk about food, how they can improve the restaurant concept and the food experience itself. Michael takes care of the finances while Michael’s mother takes care of the food and the kitchen.

We go for homemade food, mom’s food. What we serve is what we eat ourselves.

“We go for homemade food, mom’s food,” says Michael. “What we serve is what we eat ourselves. This may be a little hush-hush, but much of the Vietnamese food previously served in Sweden we don’t eat ourselves. We want to get away from that and only serve things that we would eat ourselves.”

The menu includes classic dishes such as phở, spring rolls, and crispy Vietnamese crepes. The lunch menu changes from week to week with both vegetarian and meat dishes. The evening menu offers side dishes such as mango salad and tiger prawns. Among the main courses, you can find everything from chicken and meat to eggplant wok and noodle soup.

The most popular dish is phở, a noodle soup, where love and time are the main ingredients. The broth takes half a day to make, and the chicken never boils above 80 degrees. The slow process makes the chicken more tender and optimizes the flavors. The chicken doesn’t come from the freezing counter. They always buy a whole chicken to use every part of the chicken.

Vietnamese restaurant Stockholm

The idea is that the restaurant should be like an extended version of your own home. Familiar and homemade is in the air. The decor is clean and calm with tones in dark brown, white, and sea green. Chic and cozy are the words. The guests are mixed but usually people over 25. Most come in couples or in groups of four. Above all, it’s foodies that come here to experience what the sign promises; ‘Vietnamese homestyle cooking.’

Michael emphasizes the importance of humanity several times. To work with the heart, stop and talk to people and take the time – something that shines through the whole restaurant concept and the food they serve. Here you come for an authentic experience with a lot of taste for an affordable cost. Be casual, business, or whatever you want. Everyone is welcome.

An Nam Tegnérgatan

Although they have only been open since the summer of 2019, they’ve already established a reputation as a genuine food place with impeccable service. Michael says:

“There is nothing as challenging and rewarding as working with your parents. I mean, how many people get the chance to spend 12+ hours a day, six days a week with their parents? Some may hate it, but for me, it’s the opposite. In fact, I enjoy spending this much time with them, at least at the moment.”

Another proof that a family business can be a winning and popular concept. Welcome to An Nam!

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