When the autumn arrives.

     The autumn has begins to show its first signs of nostalgia.     It’s time to say goodbye to an amazing summer. Sweden has suddenly changed, the leaves of the trees begin to fall a yellow color, and those that do not fall, are still connected to the green of their trees.

The autumn, is the station that perhaps none can choose, but we can not escape from it either. It is an encounter of emotions and memories, which has left us such a wonderful summer. different, yes, but wonderful.

Stockholm gives us so much of its colors and experiences that maybe, seeing it change every autumn, makes us sink into the nostalgia of what it was. But in the emotion of knowing that after the cold, the heat will return, and with it, another summer full of more surprises.

"Might be just walking the streets or, maybe sailing on a beautiful Yatch... Fall's color can't hide..."

George von Zuvic Social Media Influencer


The breeze a little colder than we used to, and even more after having one of the hottest summers in record time. The classic buildings next to the modern ones, and the ocher colors of the vegetation, turn Stockholm into a picture of living space.

It is so wonderful, to feel and live these portraits day by day, that connect us with every centimeter of ourselves. In Stockholm, everything is possible, just, we must see a little beyond what our eyes show us.

It is time to find the mysteries that this autumn will bring us. maybe a hot chocolate in gamla stan or flying in indoor skydive, will bring us the answer. I do not know. But this autumn, he will give us great adventures impossible to forget.



” There is no adventure impossible in Stockholm….”



Foto: George von Zuvic

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