Amoress Stockholm

celebrates 50 years in 2018
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  2. Amoress Stockholm celebrates 50 years in 2018

Amoress Stockholm is an exclusive fur store in Stockholm that offers beautiful fur garments in the highest quality. This year, they celebrate that it’s 50 years since the well-established family business started in Old Town in 1968.

Nowadays, the classic fur shop Amoress Stockholm has an online store that is run by Carina Andersson, part of the family’s second generation. The store still has a great passion for quality, fashion, and design, just like it always had.

Amoress Stockholm has a great passion for quality, fashion, and design

Fur is a material that can handle the severe Swedish winter cold well. And at Amoress Stockholm, anyone can find a fur that fits perfectly since most of the garments are made from the customer’s measurements. All garments are carefully selected, and many of the models are made on-site in Stockholm. Custom-made fur garments always fit perfectly, and an exclusive fur can last for several generations if you take care of it in a good way.

Amoress Stockholm furs

I love helping customers finding the right thing

– Carina Andersson –

You can also find small accessories like mobile phone bags, bag decorations, or furballs in all colors of the rainbow, and such a small detail can really spice up an outfit. Whether you visit Amoress Stockholm for the first time or you’re a regular customer, you can be sure to find something new. Carina Andersson is happy to help to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

“I love helping customers finding the right thing,” she says, and continues:

“The quality, the fit and that it looks good on that person are important. It must be perfect.”

Amoress Stockholm leather

All furs sold are certified, and Amoress Stockholm only purchases goods from suppliers that use leather skins from certified farms. The furs and leather skins that have the SAGA Mink and SAGA Fox labels come from Scandinavia. These are seen worldwide as the absolute best products of their kind and have given Amoress their strong brand. The absolute finest mink skins are pre-sold at the Copenhagen Fur Auction. The garments have different quality labels such as Burgundy or Platinum. At Amoress Stockholm you simply find the very best.

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