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How about getting your food favorites environmentally friendly delivered directly to your door the same day? That’s exactly what you get with the digital marketplace AMOI. The service offers a wide range of delicacies from Stockholm’s best local shops. Food and products of the highest quality and the opportunity to bundle exactly the goodies you want from different stores in the same purchase. Good for you, for the stores, and Stockholm.
Last updated: March 24, 2022

Imagine the opportunity to get that perfect coffee from the roastery on Södermalm together with a juicy cinnamon bun from Vasastan’s best bakery. Or are you planning to buy home food for a luxurious three-course dinner on Friday and want your favorites on the table? An appetizer from the delicacy shop at NK, locally produced dry-aged beef from Hötorgshallen for the main course, and the cheese platter from the store in Östermalmshallen where you bought a fantastic Brillat Savarin last autumn.

That’s exactly what you can get with AMOI. The platform offers a wide and varied range of exciting goods from Stockholm’s best local stores.

“With AMOI, you can shop from several stores and put together your own bundle with all your favorites from different places in a single purchase and delivery,” says Jimmy Rhodin, who is the CEO of AMOI in Sweden.

AMOI is a service to make life easier. You save time, and it’s a simple way to brighten up your everyday life without having to stress.

Once you have picked up the goods you want, you can safely and easily pay for everything and get them in a single delivery to your home, to work, to your sister, or wherever you want on the same day (or whenever you want). Simple and hassle-free. Like the best of Stockholm in a single digital store.

AMOI, which is owned by the Posten & Bring Group, started in Oslo, Norway. Since December 2020, you can also use the service in Stockholm, where the company saw a large and important need. The idea is to show the best Stockholm has to offer and to inspire you with ideas about what you, for example, can eat for dinner tonight. At the same time, the platform also helps local stores reach more customers.

In addition, they can offer fossil-free deliveries thanks to the transport partner Bring, which is part of the same corporate group. AMOI’s deliveries are coordinated with Bring’s other package deliveries, making the transports more efficient and resource-efficient.

AMOI Stockholm home delivery

“It’s tough to be a local store owner today, and we want to do what we can to help – both from a business perspective for the stores but also from an urban and environmental perspective. It makes Stockholm more alive as a city when people shop locally, and with fossil-free deliveries from Bring, we can connect the stores with customers in a sustainable way,” says Jimmy.

As an AMOI customer, you can easily order your favorites from the peace of your home. It’s a service to make life easier – you save time, and it’s a simple way to brighten up your everyday life without having to stress. The name comes from the French á moi, which means ‘to me, for me.’ AMOI wants to make it easy for you to shop from the stores in your local area. Having small local shops that live and thrive is an essential part of a vibrant Stockholm. With their passion and commitment to their products, they put a gloss on the cityscape.

“We’re like an ecosystem where we want to create value for everyone involved,” says Jimmy.

With AMOI, you can shop from several stores and put together your own bundle with all your favorites from different places in a single purchase and delivery

– Jimmy Rhodin, CEO –

Today, it is primarily specialist and quality stores connected to the service, and the goal is to grow and connect more and more stores. On the platform, you’ll find everything from meat and fish to cheese, oil, jam, chocolate, and spices. Life’s goodies from the best in the industry, in other words. What all stores have in common is that they offer excellent products. Products you often can’t find anywhere else. And a lot more exciting and fresher compared to ordering food from a warehouse far away.

A difference from the food delivery companies that you often see on the streets of Stockholm is that AMOI doesn’t offer deliveries of hot food, like hot ready-made takeaway; they deliver cold or room temperated goods. When you shop at AMOI, the order goes directly to the stores where the products are prepared and then picked up.

You can choose the delivery time you prefer. Whether you want coffee for the job meeting in two hours or the ingredients for your next dinner party in a week, AMOI delivers to your home in a smooth and fossil-free way. Today you can receive deliveries to Stockholm and its suburbs every day of the week between 8 am and 9 pm as long as the shops are open.

AMOI Stockholm food delivery

If you lack imagination or the time for planning is tight, AMOI also offers ready-made packages customized to different events and situations. A well-composed dinner from the sea and an Italian dinner with both pasta and charcuterie tray are two examples of ready-made food combinations that make your mouth water.

Of course, you can also buy gift cards so your loved ones can enjoy delicious delicacies. A perfect Christmas present for your parents, as a summer gift for colleagues at work, or as a surprise for your best friend on his or her birthday. Undoubtedly, Stockholm’s tastiest gift!

In the mood for something really delicious? Order your food and coffee favorites at The fastest way to a dining experience beyond the ordinary.

Sponsored article in collaboration with AMOI.

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