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– fast and environmentally friendly transport in Stockholm

Say hello to Stockholm’s new transport vehicle. Get an electric scooter or an electric car and go from door to door fast and environmentally friendly. All you need is an app and a driver’s license, then you’re ready to hit the city’s streets.

Last updated: March 5, 2021

Aimo is the first car-sharing service in Sweden whose cars are 100 percent powered by electricity. Not only are they going smoothly and silently, but they are also a greener travel alternative in terms of climate impact and human health – better air quality and reduced noise in the local environment are just a few of the benefits.

The solution to everyday stress. Fast, easy, and simple – Aimo gets you there

Aimo was launched on October 31, 2018, with 300 electric cars of the brand Renault Zoe. Today they have also expanded their offer with electric scooters. The company is financed by the Japanese investment company Sumitomo Corporation, which has a long history of successful investments in innovation and technology. The name Aimo is a hybrid of three different meanings: AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, but it also means love in Japanese, and MO stands for mobility.

So Aimo is an app where you can rent electric scooters and electric cars. The only requirement is that you are more than 19 years old and have a driver’s license. In just a few minutes, you can have access to an Aimo car or scooter, ready for a drive on the streets of Stockholm.

Aimo Solution Stockholm

“Owning a car not only means an extra expense but in many cases it’s also a practical challenge if you live in the city center. We want to make it easier for Stockholmers to do their daily shopping, pick up children, and have time for exercising,” says Josephine Adorelle, General Marketing, PR and IR Manager at Aimo.

So, how does it, in fact, work? Through the app, you can easily locate where you can find Aimo’s cars and scooters in the area called ‘Homezone.’ This is where you pick up and leave your vehicle. You can, of course, go outside the Homezone, but the journey will not end until you return the car in this area.

You can also park at the so-called ‘Hotspots’ – parking spaces reserved for Aimo cars. The vehicle is always charged in advance, and in the app you can check the reach for a specific car. If you want to go a longer distance, there’s the possibility to recharge it yourself with a charging cable in the car.

Given that an Aimo is cheaper than a taxi and easier than a traditional rental car, we aim to become the obvious choice of transportation for the Stockholmers

– Josephine Adorelle –

“Given that an Aimo is cheaper than a taxi and easier than a traditional rental car, we aim to become the obvious choice of transportation for the Stockholmers,” says Josephine.

Today, it’s mainly men between 35 and 45 who use the app; maybe because Aimo Solution is the solution to the everyday stress with meetings, workouts, and working around the clock. Fast, easy, and simple, as they express it themselves. You don’t even need a key Josephine points out.

Aimo Solution

Aimo’s goal for the future is to continue building and developing from a sustainable and environmentally friendly perspective and to find innovative solutions to simplify the everyday life of modern urban people. The company has already started looking at self-driving cars. It may sound like science fiction here and now, but for Aimo, it’s the next step in the development. As they promise on their website: ‘Aimo gets you there.’ That is straight into the future.

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