Adoro Café – Best Italian Coffee

The new Italian café in Uppsala that offers the best coffee in the whole Sweden. Located in the centre of the city, it welcomes every single visitor with warmth and care, which makes you feel like a part of the Italian family

Swedes are known as the biggest coffee-lovers in the world. They drink different kinds of coffee from the early morning until the very late evening, starting from a simple Americano with a bit of milk, continuing with quick but strong espresso in the middle of the day, and finishing with gentle cappuccino, when there is time to enjoy it during a meeting with a friend. Coffee is a big part of Swedish culture in general – let’s remember about the “fika” (a unique Swedish word for a coffee-break with something sweet). It is included in all menus and often goes for free.

But although the coffee is so famous and loved in Sweden, unfortunately, there is a limitation of the good shops, which could satisfy the taste of the picky and capricious clients. Often Swedish coffee is very simple – people prefer it black, straight from the coffee machine, skipping milk and sugar. It is peculiar that Swedes never add sugar to the drink, having it bitter, and balancing it only by adding something sweet on the side like a croissant or ‘kanelbullar’ (a cinnamon roll).

But all changed when the first Italian coffee-shop opened in Uppsala. It is located in the centre of the city, just a few steps away from the cathedral (Domkyrka) at Drottninggatan 1.  The official opening was four months ago, on the 30th of April 2018, but this small, very warm and cosy café have already won the hearts of the visitors and local people. Some are coming there to have a tasty lunch with a cup of coffee, others are the regular clients, who finally found a place where they could buy the perfect and best coffee grains in the city. Owners say that those who really enjoy coffee come back to Adoro Café several times a week, or even every day.

One of the café visitors, Monika from Germany, who is living in Uppsala for nearly 17 years, told her story: “In my country, people don’t focus on coffee that much. So my love for this drink started in Sweden. First, I tried making a mocha home, but it is hard without the good coffee beans. So I started searching for the good coffee for my machine. The taste of the Swedish coffee is drastically different from the Italian coffee. And I thought that the Swedish roasted coffee is the best until they opened an Italian coffee-shop…”. Today Monika is a close friend of the café owners, starting her relationship with them as a regular client. This is a unique and a special feeling that you get at Adoro Café – even if you go there for the first time, you will be welcomed and treated like a family member.

During the visit, guests may enjoy a very delicious eco-friendly menu of a variety of sandwiches, home-made focaccias, pizzas and salads, served with side-dishes for moderate prices, as well as experience a diversity of cakes and other sweets. All food and drinks may be served lactose and gluten-free on request. Also, it is highly recommended to try a speciality of the coffee-based deserts (like cafe-creme) and fresh eco-lemonades.

Enjoy your visit to the best coffee-shop in Uppsala at Adoro Café! 🙂

Drottninggatan 1a, 753 10 Uppsala

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30-19:00
Saturday 10:00-19:00
Sunday 10:00-17:00


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