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Jillian Mascarenhas

Our family spans three countries (and languages!) and four heritages—which keeps things interesting in our home. I’m an American of Goan descent, born in New York and raised in Virginia and my husband R is an Italian/Swede, born and raised on the eastern coast of Sicily. We happened to meet in his hometown more than a decade ago—it was my last stop after a month of traveling alone through Italy on my post-college-graduation trip.

After dating across the Atlantic for a number of years, R immigrated from his island to mine on a fiancé visa, and we were married. We lived in Manhattan for a few years before deciding that we were ready for something different—and so we moved to another island, this time in Sweden.

The year after we arrived, our little boy RF was born.

And the year after that, we moved from our apartment on the waterfront in the city to a house on the edge of a forest just north of Stockholm.

These days we’re getting used to doing all the things we used to do—foreign travel, day trips, dining out, wine tasting, etc., but now with a toddler in tow.

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