A Perfect DQ Summer day!

DQ Vodka is a perfect Swedish summer day. 

It can start near to the water. Maybe on a open air restaurant by the harbor, or maybe on a nice Stockholm beach. Its should be combined with sun and party. The best option for this is DQ Vodka. This i a very Swedish Vodka, distilled in the heart of Sweden and accompanied by a super futuristic presentation, which turns it into a super special vodka, which will delight your palate with its flavor and texture, and I guarantee it, it will become an experience unforgettable.

                                  “DQVodka is a reference of status and class.”

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DQ Vodka, always attracts great attention with its particular presentation. It’s packed in a circular bottle with a beautiful bright blue, super futuristic, Chic I would say!

Its distillation process makes this spirit drink taste super soft, preserving the other flavors of each cocktail you prepare with. Perfect to combine with sweet or citrus flavors without having that ugly effect of a really strong drink. This vodka will pass like water in your mouth and will stay as favorite forever. I PROMISE! =)

Due to its popularity in Sweden, it has become one of the favorite vodka of the people. Since last year it has even become the official vodka of different venues, restaurants and nightclubs in the city, which serve the best drinks and cocktails in the city.

This year DQ Vodka will make its biggest appearance at the EuroPride 2018, as one of the vodka chosen to amate all attendees to this great party. Party which according to local predictions and polls, could reach more than 800 thousand people attending only at the parade, and more than one million attendees of the different activities and venues in Stockhom.

if you want to make the party something more high standard, especially if you are the one who wants to make your party unforgettable.

Happy Pride 2018

George von Zuvic

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