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- tailored quality shirts for a classic look

A. Marchesan is a vintage shop that offers timeless menswear ranging from the 1920s to today. The focus is quality and craftsmanship, and the range consists of quality shoes, ties, tie flies, cuff links, hats, scarves, breast handkerchiefs, watches, braces, suits, and classic outer garments.

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A. Marchesan have developed a number of custom collars, inspired by Swedish shirt collars from the 20th century’s first half. These collars are totally unique, you can’t get them anywhere else. In addition to these, there are of course popular collar models such as cutaways and button-down.

A.Marchesan have developed a number of custom collars that are totally unique, you can’t get them anywhere else.

This, along with all the choices the store gives you in terms of fit and other details, means that you can get a shirt that is perfect for the vintage costumes they sell, but of course, it is also possible to give the shirt a more modern look. The choice is yours.

Outstanding quality

In addition to meeting their customers’ requirements in terms of fabrics, fit, and collar models, A. Marchesan also wants to offer a quality shirt when it comes to the sewing. As for the quality, they have chosen not to compromise in any aspect. The shirts are made in central Italy by a local workforce with long experience and tradition of shirt-making. Only Italian quality fabrics are used. The shirts are hand-sewn in various degrees depending on the customer’s wishes.

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How does it work?

You put on a special try on shirt in the size that is closest to your own. Then you go through all the parts of the shirt together. The staff notice what changes that must be made to achieve the right fit for you. When the measuring is done, the measures are saved in the shop’s records and the next time they can go directly to step two, i.e. choice of fabric, collar, buttons, cuffs etc. Your choices are very extensive.

When all selections have been made, the order is sent to the shirt makers in Italy and 4-5 weeks later, the shirt is ready to be picked up in the store.


A tailored shirt from A.Marchesan is priced from SEK 1,495. The price varies depending on the type of fabric and other individual choices.

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