A little piece of gold and a little piece of Sweden

I am all about details, it’s the details that makes your whole outfit and I love to match my jewelry with my clothes. I just got my Agate Dala horse in gold and I am in love with it.  It is so adorable, easy to mix and match with other jewelry and the Dala horse has become a famous symbol for Sweden.

The design is on point and I can’t wait to get myself some more pieces of handmade jewelry designed by Claudia. Claudia is a Swedish designer and she is the third generation of the family who choose to devote themselves to jewelry, her grandmother started the tradition in a goldsmith shop in the Old Town of Stockholm and she chose to devote her entire working life to jewelry, precious stones and crystal. Since then, her daughter and granddaughter decided to go in her footsteps.


During the years, wonderful surroundings of the Swedish archipelago and the mediterranean inspired the ideas to the jewelry. Claudia love the personal and colorful expression and think that there is always a reason and an occasion to wear jewelry and I could not agree more. You simply have to visit the web to see some of her amazing work. Find your favourite or the perfect gift to someone you love HERE or check out their instagram account.


I just can’t wait to wear this bracelet on the beach with a matching outfit in Bali next week. Even though I’ll be far away from home, I’m still bringing a small piece of Sweden with me.



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