Stockholm is a beautiful city that make travelers fall in love even before they visit the city. I often get emails and messages from people saying that they are super excited about Stockholm just to see photos and tips while planning their trip.

I love to live in Stockholm and before you ask me: yes, I do love Stockholm even during the long and dark winter. After all it was through the experience of living in such a cold place that I have learned to appreciate every single season, something that I did not even noticed before, because there is not such a difference in seasons in many other countries.

To convince you that the Capital of Scandinavian is “a must go” any time of year, I want you to check the list below!

9 Reasons to love Stockholm!

1- Free Wi-Fi everywhere

I know it is a bit weird to have wi-fi on the first place. But in this world, where we are always connected, to visit a city where even the bus (from the airport to the center) has free Wi-Fi is a relief, isn’t it? Cafes, museums and even supermarkets are on the list of places where you can connect for free!

2 – Public transport works

You can go to any corner of Stockholm by public transport at any time. There are metro, ferries, trams, busses, trains. And you can check the clock because in Sweden’s Capital punctuality is enviable. You will reach your destination quickly, even on weekends and holidays.

3 – It is one of the only cities you can fly air balloon

In the summer, Stockholm is beautiful by nature but a special touch comes from above. Just look up and be amazed with air balloons flying over the city. It is so beautiful!

4 – You can do picnic in the parks

Stockholm has incredible green areas and parks everywhere. Great to take a break between a tour and enjoy a picnic or even a barbecue. In addition to that, the summer has several outdoor events: concerts, festivals, film sessions. Since the summer of last year was super warm (super warm it means maximum 25 degrees) the mayor of the city decided to create artificial beaches near to the Lake Malaren with sand and palm trees. Only the water still a bit too cold for me but many people love swimming in there anyway.

5 – You can ice skate on the frozen lakes

Ice skating on frozen lakes, or even the artificial icetracks, which is assembled every year in Kungsträdgården is something popular among Swedes. I live a few minutes from a lake that is usually frozen and it is a nice spot for ice skating in the winter. But I have not the courage to try it yet. I confess! I’m too afraid of falling!

6 – You can ski in town

You don’t need to travel to the mountains to ski because in Stockholm, just a few metro stations of the center city, is the Hammbarbybacken ski resort. Take the green line and get off at Hammarbyhöjden station. Only a few minutes from the city center you will already be able to experiment this beloved winter sport!

7 – You can take a boat between the islands

Stockholm is located in an archipelago of 14 islands. Boat trips here is practically mandatory. The natural landscape and the architecture of the city are even more charming from the water. And it does not matter if on cruise ships, boat tours or even a ferry ride to Djurgarden. You should just try it!

8 – Walk around the historical center and feel like having a tour in the Middle Ages

Gamla Stan, that in Swedish means the Old City, is the historic center of Stockholm. The place is rich in architecture and is considered the best preserved medieval city now days. You can find the Royal Palace and the famous Nobel Museum here. There is also nice typical restaurants and delicious cafes and many shops.

9 – There is “Fika” every day

I wanted to kiss the guy who invented the “Fika”. That time of day, when you take a coffee with a bulle (kind of a sweet bread). It is when you meet with friends, co-workers and chat about life with caffeine and sweets that make life funnier! I really think that Fika should become an international law!

There you have it, 9 great reasons to love Stockholm!