Lunch tips! Indian Grill at Gärdet

Lunch tips if you are working in the area of Gärdet and Värtahamnen! Indian grill, located at Malmvägen 1, serves some really good Indian fusion food. The menu changes every day but there is usually is one vegetarian, one lamb and one chicken dish. We tried a mixed plate with a selection of their today’s special, a super fresh salad, and finished of with vegetarian samosas with fennel and pomegranate seeds. To drink I can strongly recommend their cooling and fresh coconut mint lassi, it balances the spicy food perfectly.


Fresh salad with bulgur, feta cheese, figs and watermelon.


Mixed plate with one chicken, one lamb, and one vegetarian curry.

What I like is that the food is both tasty and aesthetically pleasing. The prices are more than affordable for what you get!

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