Casual Dinner at Restaurant Bird in Östermalm

Tjena kompisar, hur mår ni? Jag hoppas att allt är bra!

I want to share with you a recent dinner at a super cool “mini” restaurant in the Östermalm area. I had been wanting to visit them for such a long time because I had read and heard really good things about the concept of the restaurant and the quality of the food they make.
I’m pleased to say that they do deliver. The food is very good and exciting, focusing on the main and distinctive element of their concept: poultry.
Restaurant “Bird” offers 7 main courses, 5 side orders and one special dish -which sadly was not available on the day of my visit.
Since I always aim to try as many dishes as possible, I met up with 2 fellow foodie Stockholmers in order to do so.
We each had and shared a main and a side order. Buttermilk fried chicken (115 sek) with ranch dip and honey hot sauce; chicken tacos (125 sek) with mango salsa, avocado cream, habanero mayo and pickled onion and a duck confit burger (145 sek) with apple chutney, tarragon emulsion and fried onions. For sides we ordered duck hearts (50 sek) with cilantro yogurt, corn on the cob (50 sek) with paprika relish, smoked mayo, garlic butter and fried onion; and sweet potato (50 sek) with maple syrup, burnt butter and roasted garlic cream.

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A great Bird meal

First of all and before I describe what I thought of the food, and by no means I intend to sound discouraging, I think that the concept, even though is clever and innovative, doesn’t really pay full honor to the poultry department. I know it’s hard to work with other types of birds and cook them, but what if turkey was added to their menu? If you hear that a restaurant is called Bird you kind of expect more birds on the menu, right?
Just a small suggestion from a friendly customer, roast a whole turkey with lots of spices and whatever you guys can think of. Just make it taste delicious. Take the meat, warm it up in the “plancha” (stove top) and make a killer sandwich out of it. Build a small salad or funky salsa, toast any type of bread and boom… You’ll have a new and delicious new dish that will compliment your menu even better. Like I said, that is just what I think.

Anyway, back to the dining experience. Let’s start with the high points of the meal. From the mains I loved the duck confit burger. Being not really a burger but a sandwich with pulled meat instead, it was absolutely delicious! The meat was juicy and tasty, perfectly complimented with the chutney, brought to a whole upper dimension with the mayo and the crispy fried onions, that kind of exploded in the mouth releasing all the sweetness of the onion and the fattiness from the frying process. Perfect sandwich, maybe the best dish on the menu.

The cute little 3 tacos were so refreshing. A really nice and flat tortilla, gently toasted served as the perfect resting place for the chicken and the other components. Simple but really well executed dish. Sometimes keeping it on the simple side works better, specially for dishes such as tacos, where you don’t need to have highly technical cooking preparations for them to be good, just good products perfectly prepared. And these ones, as I said, can satisfy any taco lover.

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Taco and Corn, orale!

The fried chicken was fatty and yummy. Not much I can say to describe chunks of chicken thighs dipped in buttermilk dough and deep fried. It will always be good. Mess it up and please don’t ever work again in a kitchen, haha. The best thing about fried chicken though, for me, is the almost animal pleasure of eating with one’s hands and licking your fingers every 10 seconds. Trying to grab a napkin and messing up everywhere is something that I always cherish and long for. Because, who doesn’t love fried chicken…

Regarding the sides, the duck hearts were the ones we liked the least. They were a bit too sour and kind of plain and we even liked the cilantro yogurt more than the actual hearts. So this is something that the kitchen team can evaluate in my opinion.
The corn on the cob was delicious! Fatty -again, yes!- but almost too close to the sweet side. Maybe a bit less of sweetness in the relish and a touch of acidity would have made this all-timer the perfect companion to our main dishes.
The sweet potato was super tasty also. It was a half of it, oven baked to the point of the flesh turning into a mush, topped off with the syrup, the butter and the garlic creme. Killer combo, right? Garlic, butter and sugar…
It may sound weird but once you try it, oh my… Highly recommended.

The restaurant vibe is pretty awesome. It is, as I said, a mini eatery. They have some bar stools by the windows, a long wooden communal table that could fit 15 people or so and a small bar for 6 people, ish. So don’t expect a very comfortable dinner and post-meal “chillaxing”. I believe the restaurant is best at serving great and innovative dishes in a cool/fancy fast food Östermalm way, if that makes any sense.
The staff is super friendly and they cook right in front of you, something that I will always value and cherish.
Eating freshly prepared food is the best!

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Eating with cool Östermalm vibes and peeps

Thanks for a great meal amigos, I really hope to see you all soon and to see more birds on the menu.
Ha det bra!

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