2017 = 365 New Adventures to come.!


365 new days are coming ahead promising to be  filled of success, adventure and new opportunities.

This new 2017 is coming along with amazing Scandinavian Adventures. From exciting dog sleds rides in the north of Sweden, to the summer superstars outdoor concerts. Stockholm begins a new chapter where it promises us to have an unique 2017.

2017 is a year full fresh new experiences. It doesn’t matter if we are under snowstorms or under the beautiful sun, the rhythm of music all around the city will show you the way to an unforgettable place. Or perhaps to a great restaurant that offers us a great variety of culinary alternatives and new sensations. For this all this, I am ready and full motivated to start this new chapter of my life; Are you ready?

Royal Palace Stockholm

In Stockholm, we begin the year under several centimeters of snow and low temperatures. Stockholm city, offers us a variety of indoor activities Or even within our warm homes security, such as  cozy movie’s night, with plenty of emotions together with our beloved one in our comfortable sofa. Lovely. Gazenet.se make it possible with us a huge library of HBTQ films with a great quality, perfect to spend a romantic night with an unconditional love (Or maybe family), or perhaps if we want a real Swedish experience, a Viking Adventure could be the best option in this case.

Siggesta Gård, is then the best recommendation for this adventure. It’s beautiful farm just outside of Stockholm city, where the combination between the country side, nature, animals, a great service and the luxury spa and hotel, bring us a delicious touch of romantic spice with a really funny experience;  But if what we want is to burn all those calories from the Christmas banquets, Stockholm is also the best option to do, even outside of the regular gym. DANCING, the most funny and social way to stress out dancing to the rhythms of great DJs of the city…  and it’s delicious cocktails. 😉


Stay prepared to party with all your friends at best party locals in the city. I recommend Operaterrasen or maybe Berns for a Tuxedo night. Or perhaps something more chill and relax, like Secret Garden, in Gamla Stan. The Secret Garden is a gay friendly club really cosy and comfortable; And if you are lucky and nice with the sexy bartender. You might get a VIP treatment with 50% off on the price. Secret Garden it’s the perfect combination of friendly staff and affordable prices in the heart of the city.

Secret Garden

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to dress AMAZING. Stockholm, is one of the meccas of the worldwide fashion industry that produces a large percentage of global fashion market. The city itself is full of  great shops for different taste, styles and for all budgets. Check out on our blog the Top 10 best Sales in Stockholm. For example, this winter you should not skip to try a pair of North 89‘s shoes, THEY ARE AMAZING. The North 89 shoes will not only will protect you from the cold this winter, you can wear them in all seasons. Check out  —> North 89 designs, you will love them. They are designed with the best Scandinavian chic style, that you might combine with a warm Colmar jacket!? These pieces of art, will not just fit with your outfits very well, it will make you look like a Swedish movie star.


Come along and Join me to this new journey of 2017, and let’s Rock the world!

 Så… Är du med ?? 😉

// George von Zuvic

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