10 festival hacks – Summerburst

Want your life to be like this? This summer is for you. 

AlessoDavid Guetta and Steve Angello will make your life epic!
You can check out the rest of the artist here.

And to get the best festival experience, use these simple festival hacks and you can summerburst like a boss.

Before the festival

1. Check out the festival


10-11 June, 15:00 – 00:00

Basic info

When the crowd sings with the artist, do you want to stand there like a question mark?
Check out the official Summerburst playlist in advance.

It doesn’t only allow you to determine whether you wanna go or not, you can also build up the party tension with your friends!
I mean, I’m building up the tension by writing this list, while listening to the Summerburst playlist right now.

Speaking of tension, since its 2016, almost every festival has its own app with info, stage schedule, map and other relevant information that steps up your festival game.

If you’re not the smartphone generation, the homepage is of course always good to check out.

And if you want to be extremely information bulletproof, Summerburst as modern citizens, of course do instagram, SnapchatFacebook and Twitter.

But if you are afraid that you are running low on wifi (common problem for this generation) take a screenshot of the festival schedule just in case.



Sweden, Stockholm, Valhallavägen, Gärdet Open Air Venue

New to Stockholm?


If you can read Swedish, you can get a discount on SL as well! (You should learn Swedish, its pretty cool. But since there’s no time use Google translator).

2. Pack hack I – Essential gears


Be smart.

Ear Plugs

If you want to listen to music even after the summer. Be smart.


Remember, with no cellphone, you will be dead in the 21 century. Be smart. 

Portable charger for your phone

One does not simply let their phone die during a festival. Be Smart.One does not simply let their phone die during a festival. Be Smart.


Be Wifi bulletproof and check your bank account before you go to the festival.
And bring cash, even though it’s annoying. Cash only is common on festival campuses (should be cool though, since Summerburst are teaming up with Mastercard).

I will probably update this list during the festival, I mean can you ever be prepared enough?

3. Pack hack II – Sunglasses and sunlotion

If you get sore and blisters, how do you expect to rage?

4. Pack hack III STAY FRESH

Wet wipes, deodorant and mint pills.

You can never be fresh enough.

5. Dress to impress?


Of course you want to look cool but remember, this is a festival where your feet barely touches the ground.

You can’t be bad, if your clothes can’t. Keep it simple. But remember, check out the weather! What if you freeze to death outside after spending one hour carefully picking out an epic outfit? #truestory

I would also say, bringing expensive and heavy jewelries only gives you more valuables to keep track of.

Just think for yourself, don’t you wanna be all in the game?

And if you want to join the afterparty, just leave your fancy stuff in a place close to the festival area. Maybe you have a friend who lives there?


Fit for fight basically. And to avoid toe trauma, no open toes.

At the festival 

Summerburst should probably look something like this.

6. Hydrate

Since Burn is one of Summerburst main partners, there will probably not be a lack of caffein for the dubstep breakdowns. But remember, caffein dehydrates you, so it is not something you can replace water with (believe me, I have tried). Be Smart, its summer.

H2O like a pro and you're ready to go!                                                                
H2O like a pro and you’re ready to go! 

7. Bring protection

The weather is not the only hot element in a festival. Hooks-ups are pretty common on festivals.
Remember, safety gives everyone less worrying and more partying.

Now it’s also time for the mint you brought.

8. Learn a move

Since its Summerburst, I would say learn how to Shuffle. And if you went past 1:26 in the video, feeling like LMFAO, Scandinavian Dance academy has summer courses every day the whole summer.

9. And finally . . . Keep yourself ready for DAY 2

The festival is two days, so at least get a couple of hours of sleep between and hydrate. You cannot live solely of sun, sugar and caffein. Be smart.

David Guetta and Alesso are on day 2 and so should you!

10. Have a good time

Now you can all Summerburst happily ever after.
See you there 🙂 



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